Looking for marriage counseling or couples therapy?

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I am only offering online sessions.  

My work (and this site) is dedicated to helping you create the life and relationship you most want.

I provide experienced marriage counseling and couples therapy to all couples. My therapy services are for any couple wanting to stay together.

Any couple that's struggling with communication and needs help.

Helping couples overcome communication issues - what I do best!

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor, I specialize in helping people (through couples therapy, marriage counseling or individual therapy) turn their life and their relationship around!

How do I do that? I have dedicated my professional expertise to helping people in their relationships.

I deeply and intentionally listen to each couple and individual to hear what each is needing and wanting. Many of our needs exist in our words but often our words don't say exactly what we need.

Because I am so present and focused on getting to the heart of what's happening between you, I am able to dive deeper into what you're needing to uncover needs your words aren't communicating.

I am known for my ability to help couples - struggling with communication - get to the heart of their communication issues. Together, through our work, you will learn tools to help you create a healthy and long lasting marriage.

As a marriage counselor and couples therapist,

I am often asked if I work with individuals...

Yes, I Do!

Yes, I also work with individuals. I help individuals struggling with boundaries. Setting personal boundaries and also boundaries within their relationships.

I am also trained in EMDR and can help both couples and individuals transform what's been keeping them stuck.

Ways to Work With Me...

There are many ways we can work together!

  • In Person Therapy Sessions - located in my Austin, TX office
  • Online Therapy Sessions (For Persons Living in Texas Only)
  • Online Coaching Sessions (For Persons Wanting Informational/Educational/Coaching Help)
  • Intensive Marriage Counseling/Couples Therapy Sessions - Longer therapy sessions to help provide the focused attention and help you need.

Life Coaching Sessions for Self Care

I also provide life coaching for any couple, new mom, new dad, entrepreneur and therapist wanting to create their best life! Life coaching sessions are not intended to be therapy. Our life coaching sessions will be future focused targeting self care strategies that can help you create the life you want for yourself.

These sessions can be face to face in my office or online.

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Services are provided online! You don't have to drive anywhere! Experience the help you are seeking in the privacy of your own home!